About us

PlasticSpot began with a simple task that ended with frustration: finding the right cosmetic surgeon for a fairly simple procedure for a family member. Well, it seemed simple enough.

After several months of searching only to be let down again and again before finding the right professional, it became clear to us that there’s a need for a cosmetic surgery information clearinghouse in the greater Ontario metropolitan area.

The challenge: finding the right provider

If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon, you know how confusing the process can be. There are so many cosmetic surgery sub-specialties out there. There are many different procedures that handle the same problem.

Worse yet, there seems to be so many specialists out there offering pretty much the same thing. It’s so hard to tell them apart.

Sadly, even surgeons’ own websites aren’t much help since they look so similar to each other. They seem to have the same pictures, talk about the same things, and use the same jargon. It’s as if they were built using ‘cookie cutter’ or template sites. It’s so hard to tell cosmetic surgery professionals apart just judging by their websites.

PlasticSpot.io makes picking your cosmetic surgery professional easier

We have put up PlasticSpot.io to empower consumers looking to get cosmetic enhancements or corrective surgery done. We provide you with the key information you need to truly make an informed decision.

We don’t just recommend or list professionals, we also equip you with the information and grounding you need to make a decision you’ll be happy with.

Step 1: Get educated

Find out about conditions that require corrective surgery. Get the inside scoop on common cosmetic surgical enhancements.

Get a working understanding of certain procedures. Understand the specializations that deliver the outcomes you’re looking for. Become aware of alternative procedures. Know the costs and recovery time involved. In short, get all the information you need so you can make your decision with full peace of mind.

Step 2: Get connected to the right professional

Once you have a clear understanding of the kind of work you’d like done, recovery times, and other related information, your next step is to get a short list of surgeon or cosmetic enhancement service providers.

We have done the heavy lifting for you: connecting you with the right professionals

On paper, the vast majority of Ontario cosmetic surgery specialists look very similar to each other. In fact, if you don’t know what to look for or if you don’t know what certain terms mean, it’s too easy to go with the wrong service provider. Unless you know what to look for or have the proper guidance, these providers are very hard to tell apart.

Instead of just fixating on price or how slick certain plastic surgery service sites look, we have compiled the best list of cosmetic surgery professionals. We have listed only professionals with a track record of delivering excellent patient outcomes.

All our recommended professionals are:

board certified in good standing
tried and proven providers with several years of professional experience
free from any ongoing disciplinary actions
well-respected and sought after by patients in the same situation as you
reliable and consistent providers of high quality cosmetic surgery services
highly esteemed by their peers in their specialties

Stop going around in circles: access our recommended doctors list today and avoid:

rolling the dice with untried service providers
possible financial and medical headaches before they develop
financial hassles that go with reversing cosmetic procedures
regretting your decision

Jenny’s story

“I am so thankful I found PlasticSpot.io. Even though there are other sites that connect patients with Ontario area plastic surgeons, this site stood out for me because of the great care they take in picking out the right professionals for certain types of specialized procedures.

They have high standards and it showed in the quality of the surgeons I was referred to. Instead of feeling that my rhinoplasty surgery was a dice roll, I was confident coming into surgery that I will get the result I was looking for. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

It took me the better part of a couple of hours comparing my “before and after” pictures. I was that amazed at how great my surgeon is. I know for sure I probably won’t have gotten the same stunning results with another cosmetic surgeon listing site. How would I know? I’ve checked them all out.”

Adam’s story

“I needed liposuction work done. I thought my procedure was a routine operation provided by any cosmetic surgeon worth his or her salt.

Was I mistaken! The more service websites I checked out, the more confused I got. It seems they were using different terms. I went through so many different sites and read so much plastic surgery information my head was spinning. I was so confused.

After I found PlasticSpot.io I was able to wrap my mind around the specific type of liposuction work I wanted to get done. Thanks to the information this site presented (in plain, easy to understand English, mind you), I was able to pick out the right specialist.

Not only did PlasticSpot.io point me in the right direction in terms of surgical service providers, the procedure took place exactly as this site described. I knew what to expect. I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t scared. Thanks to the great background information this site provided, I was able to enjoy a smooth liposuction process both during and after my procedure.

I can’t recommend PlasticSpot enough!”

Naomi’s story

“Thanks to the information I found on this site, I was able to shave off several hundred dollars off my surgery costs.

How? It turns out I didn’t need expensive surgery. I didn’t need to have that kind of work done to get the look I wanted.

Sure enough, through this site, I was able to connect with a doctor who worked on me on a purely outcall basis. I was in and out of her office. No mess. No pain. No hassles whatsoever.

Thank you, guys!”

Check out our booking system, comprehensive wiki and cool blog today and get the objective, accurate, and up to date knowledge you need to make a truly informed decision for all your cosmetic surgery needs.