Aaron Cummings

I handle content curation for PlasticSpot. I never really thought I’d be working for a cosmetic surgery information and professional service clearing house. My mind was set on a career in Web development and Javascript coding since I was taking these types of classes back in college.

All that changed when Sandy came into the picture.

Sandy is a neighbor of mine who got into a bad car crash. She was an airbag away from dying in the collision. Still, her skin was badly scratched all over and she broke several ribs. Her recover really took a toll on Sandy’s mother-my mom’s best friend.


When it came time to get Sandy help for badly scratched face, my mom asked me to help in finding Sandy the very best Ontario-area cosmetic surgeon. At first, I thought the whole physician search process was going to be very easy and straightforward. After all, how many cosmetic surgeons are in Ontario? How many specialize in constructive surgery and dermal repair?

I wasn’t ready (nor was my mom and Sandy’s mom) ready for the answer.


It turned out I was badly prepared for the search process. Every time I found a service provider’s site, everything seemed legit. They seemed to all say the same thing. Many have well-designed websites. Just judging from first impressions, it would seem that all these doctors offered the same service quality.


Knowing how high the stakes were and the permanent impact any bad decisions may have on Sandy, I decided to dig even further.

After researching tons of information about cosmetic surgery procedures and the many new and existing technologies in the field, I grew increasingly fascinated with this field. Not only can these surgeons work with skin, muscle, and bone, they can also bring shattered lives back together.


Aided by my research, Sandy’s mom filtered through long lists of prospective cosmetic surgery specialists. With the right background information and well-worded questions, she was able to select a specialist she can place her trust in. To make a long story short, Sandy’s recovery was quick and painless.


As happy as I was to help Sandy and her mom, I didn’t know that experience actually went on to drive my biggest life decision thus far: I decided to go to medical school. Learning about the different procedures involved in reconstruction as well as cosmetic enhancement really piqued my interest. I was so fascinated that I am now in the U of Toronto’s plastic surgery residence program.


Curating content for PlasticSpot is the best possible job for me as I work to complete my residency. Not only do I get to find out about the latest technologies in the wide open field of cosmetic surgery, I curate topnotch content with the full satisfaction that these materials can help consumers make truly informed decisions.


Thanks to my medical training, I have developed a very discriminating eye for truly helpful and insightful content. I make it a point to curate only accurate, in-depth, and insightful content written in plain, easily accessible English.


In my spare time, I read lots of mystery novels and go hiking with my girlfriend and our dog, Shasta. See my LinkedIn here.

Aaron Cummings
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Content Curator